[By Tara Anderson]

The premise of Reebok’s ‘Be more human’ campaign is that the more physical we are, the more human we become. The campaign invites a wider audience of all fitness levels and aspirations to unlock a better version of themselves through physicality.

Every person on their own fitness journey can attest to the fact that there is no gain without a little pain. The narrative is based on the transformation each person goes through as they advance on their fitness journey.

In a bold one minute video ‘Hands’, Reebok showcases how our bodies change through the pain and obstacles of physicality. Reebok produced two more videos to showcase the human aspect of physical transformation – a girl recognizes her role model in her ‘Mom’, while shoes help a man ‘Slide’ through a life of exploration.

The key message of this campaign is that as we change on the outside, we begin to change on the inside as well, becoming kinder and more connected – more human. This is also illustrated through Reebok’s ‘Stories of Progress’ which highlights the journeys of fitness influencers.

The campaign’s use of hands and shoes to demonstrate physical transformation has distinguished Reebok as both confident and inclusive. It is reassuring to witness this big brand stand by its audience as they embrace all that it means to ‘be more human.’

(Photo via Wikimedia Commons)