[By Kelly McGuire]

It’s no secret that self-employment is on the rise. Companies are steadily eliminating full-time roles in favour of part-time positions, short-term contracts and consulting services. As a result, many communications professionals are turning to freelance work to pay the bills.

The decision to venture into the freelance world can be daunting and is accompanied by many diverse considerations. Managing finances is a primary concern for newly self-employed individuals, with many struggling to separate business and personal expenses. Luckily, Intuit Canada, the company behind popular tax and financial solutions software like QuickBooks, has recently launched an app to help freelancers manage their finances.

Constant connectivity is another necessity for communications professionals, especially those who cannot rely on a team to keep them informed. App developers are well aware of the importance of connectivity to self-employed individuals and are continually building innovative solutions to ensure independent professionals stay in the know.

Self-employment also requires strong organizational skills to manage the demands of operating a business alone. Fortunately, there are a handful of apps specifically designed to support users in areas such as organization and productivity.

It requires courage and a lot of research to take the plunge into freelancing, but there are many tech solutions available to help you succeed.

(Photo by Vadim Sherbakov via Unsplash)