[By Marta Awad]

One in five Americans work from home according to Forbes. Statistics Canada revealed a similar fact when they found that 22 per cent of university graduates are working remotely.

Technology, virtual reality and attitudes have changed dramatically in the last decade. Workplaces are transforming to become leaner, more flexible and creative. With the rise of virtual agencies, the public relations industry is no exception to this trend.

Telecommuting to work offers flexible hours, higher morale and a better work/life balance. Agencies are finding that the “virtual office” has its benefits.

Let’s examine some of the pros of a remote workplace:

  • Less overhead costs allows for more money to be allocated to employees and resources
  • Smaller leadership teams result in fewer bureaucratic processes which gets the job done faster
  • Talent is not restricted to your geographical region
  • The freedom to work where you want lends to greater inspiration and creativity

Clients go for the agency that’s modern, creative and has the resources to pull off large projects. A virtual office is as modern as an agency can get these days. They offer lean teams with a bigger budget and can provide creativity from around the world.

PR Newswire reported a third of executives agreed that more of their staff work remotely than three years ago. Big agencies will have to undergo a cultural transformation to keep up with the talented, diverse and flexible nature of virtual PR agencies.

(Photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels)