[By Maria D’Alessandro]

With Super Bowl LI having just passed, much of the talk about the night was not only about the Patriots and the Falcons but also surrounding the many Super Bowl parties that took place that weekend. In advance of the event, Tostitos teamed up with Uber and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to introduce the “Party Bag.” The aim of the Tostitos Party Bag was to decrease drinking and driving on the night of the Super Bowl; when you exhale into the Tostitos Party Bag, the bag would turn red if alcohol is detected.

At first the idea of the “Party Bag” seems like a neat collaborative tactic on behalf of Tostitos, Uber and MADD, and a great way to decrease the amount of drunk driving on the roads. However, the bag will simply tell you if you have had an alcoholic drink or not. It does not act as a home breathalyser, analyzing your blood alcohol level, rather it simply tells you if you have had any alcohol at all (which you presumably would know the answer to).

The Tostitos Party Bag is an innovative idea and initiative to tackle drunk driving, when aligned with an event like the Super Bowl. Tostitos did a tremendous job sparking a conversation about drunk driving and ways in which it can be combatted. The collaboration was a huge PR move from MADD and Uber as well, as they were able to further communicate their company’s goals. Was it a PR hit? Well, seeing as Tostitos got a conversation started and brought awareness to a serious issue like drunk driving, it would count as a fantastic PR hit.

(Photo by Joebengo via Wikipedia)