[By Lindsay Butt]

McDonald’s has just launched the Bacon Big Mac. This is the first time the Big Mac sandwich has changed in 50 years. McDonald’s is asking customers, “Is a Big Mac with bacon on it still a Big Mac?”

The company recently launched their “Is it still a Big Mac?” campaign, igniting conversation and sparking debate about the fan-favourite sandwich.

There are billboards and many TV commercials promoting the new Bacon Big Mac. Although this campaign focuses on paid media, McDonald’s has successfully generated buzz on social media with the hashtags #StillABigMac and #NotABigMac.

They extend this cheeky debate to their advertisements asking, “Are pants cuffed above the knee still pants?” and “Is a tricycle still a bicycle?”

They have also urged their fans to vote on their website. So far, 64 per cent of voters agree that the Bacon Big Mac is #StillABigMac and that adding bacon doesn’t change the sandwich.

McDonald’s encourages customers to discuss their food in a creative way while making them hungry for a Big Mac at the same time. Engagement on Twitter and Facebook is the cherry on top for the golden arches.

It’s a creative and subtle way of bringing the Big Mac back into the spotlight. The question, “Is a Big Mac with bacon on it still a Big Mac?” inspires discussion because it doesn’t demand a decision.

McDonald’s will also be launching their McDonald’s ATM this month, where customers can skip the counter and go straight to the automated machine that dispenses Big Mac’s for free. McDonald’s knows how to get people talking about their products.

Bravo, McDonald’s.

(Photo by Crusier via Wikimedia Commons)