[By Laura Buisman]

For Sheridan, public relations and corporate communications (PRCC) is an art form. This highly esteemed program features hands-on, project-based assignments with real-world clients. Sound appealing to you? Here are four reasons why you might belong in the PRCC program:

You’re a stellar storyteller
PRCC students love to tell a story, whether through written word or visuals. In this program, students are taught to relay key messages in a way that captivates an audience. The art of effective storytelling is a skill that all excellent PR practitioners need to have.

You work well in a team
On day one, PRCC students are sorted into random groups which they will work with for the entire semester. Students in this program understand that collaboration is key. If you work well with others and understand the fine art of compromise, you’re sure to be a great fit for the program.

You live #online
Admit it: you’ve thought about checking your Instagram at least twice while reading this post. Industry professionals are constantly in the know. They keep in touch with the latest trending hashtags, news stories and even memes. PRCC students are no exception to this. If you love learning about the latest social media trends, this program is for you.

You’re a multi-tasker
I don’t mean multitasking as in watching Netflix and scrolling through Twitter at the same time, but working in PR requires you to have your hand in many pots. At any point in the semester, a PRCC student might be juggling several projects, planning meetings with clients, writing blog posts and tweets, daydreaming about their next coffee and worrying about looming internship requirements. If this concept excites you, grab your day timer and jump in.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of a fast-paced and growing industry. Check out Sheridan’s PRCC program today.

(Photo by Laura Buisman)