[By Meenakshi Nowrattan]

It’s no secret that public relations professionals are busy bees. Juggling multiple tasks simultaneously can be quite the feat. Lucky for the modern PR pro, there are a multitude of ways to increase efficiency:

  1. Proof your writing and more with After the Deadline
    This nifty application goes beyond spelling and grammar. It also helps with sentences that are out of context. It’s a foolproof tool for PR professionals to reduce editing time.
  1. Keep track of important emails with Bananatag
    When you’re busy as a bee, it’s easy to lose track of emails. Bananatag is a tool that lets you see what happens to your emails after you press send.
  1. Feed your hunger for blog inspiration with Feedly
    One of the challenges of blogging is coming up with timely and interesting topics. Sheridan PRCC students are all too familiar with this process. You can avoid this by using Feedly to search all across the web on a specific subject matter and create a personalized feed
  2. Let Qualtrics do your research for youResearch can often be a time-consuming process, but you can make this an efficient task with Qualtrics. The app searches the web and provides you with current, and
    relevant data that can be incorporated into a number of publications.
  3. Chat up a storm with your team members on Hipchat
    When there are multiple team conversations across different platforms it can be overwhelming to follow. Hipchat’s features include group chat, video chat, screen sharing and security, which collectively simplify the process of collaboration.

Now that you’ve discovered the secrets to achieving PR efficiency, you should have plenty of time left in your day to check out the Sheridan PR Blog.

Photo by geralt via Pixabay