[By Brian Last]

There is a distinct similarity between a date and a job interview. A silver tongue works wonders. We don’t live in the world of Seinfeld where a person grows on you with time. Instead, first impressions are paramount. If the first interview doesn’t go well, a second is rare.

Here are four tips to ensure you land that important second interview:

Personality walks, personality talks

“First dates are interviews.” – Van Wilder

Instead of having an honest conversation, you and the person opposite are bombarding one another with routine “getting to know you” questions. People are usually so nervous about letting their true self shine through that they rely on rehearsed answers they’ve prepared to appear more dynamic. The key is to be fearless and be yourself. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? If they don’t give you a second interview, at least you were authentic. Best-case scenario – you land your dream job… or soulmate.

Fancy Footwear

It seems like an insignificant part of the interview but they say that clothes make the individual. If you’re dressed professionally but arrive in sneakers, imagine what your potential employer will think. They’ll assume you don’t take things seriously and they may judge you. Unless you’re Ellen DeGeneres, don’t do this. Proper footwear shows that you are detail-oriented. This may not make the interview, but improper shoes will break it.

Personal experience: I once wore moccasins on a date, and it did not end well.

You don’t have to break the bank, but look at it as an investment in your future.

Eye contact

Eye contact shows you’re engaged, interested and respectful, but make sure you pick and choose your moments. Nobody likes intense smoldering eye contact that never ends. Nobody wants to be that guy.

Conversation material

To avoid an awkward silence, come prepared with anecdotes. But, be wary of becoming a chatty Cathy. Perfect the art of knowing when to insert your tales and when to listen. Remember not to use all your A-game material in the first interview. Always leave them wanting more.

Okay, you are now ready to go romance yourself into your dream job… Let’s be clear, I meant wordplay.

(Photo by Brian Last)