[By Tara Anderson]

At the end of 2016, Spotify creatively used customer data to engage with their audience in a unique and playful way. The campaign utilized consumer usage patterns to humorously highlight the most bizarre music trends of 2016. Recently, the music giant launched a similarly cheeky campaign to captivate its public by drawing attention to the comical names of user playlists. This light-hearted public relations effort from Spotify has spiked global interest by appealing to a broad range of audience humour.

Besides playfully questioning the odd names of the playlists, the campaign reveals the level of customization offered by Spotify to allow users to make the service their own. The campaign consists of out-of-home posters that impishly question the name choices of user playlists.

Three video advertisements lend to the campaign by deliberately trolling these unusual playlists. The use of featured musical artists for the narration to celebrate the unique choices adds an authentic element to the campaign. Play this at my funeral, Global warming is real…let’s dance, and Rap Caviar, are the videos that include DNCE, Alessia Cara, and D.R.A.M., echoing audience amazement at the oddly named playlists.

The fact that this seems to be the second phase of a campaign that was well received in Dec. 2016 proves the potential for further evolutions. It will be interesting to see if Spotify produces another intriguing adaptation of this strategy in 2017.

(Photo by Tara Anderson)