[By Taylor Kolar]

Sheridan alumnus Alan Barillaro made a splash at this year’s Oscars. His film “Piper” won best in its category. This was not only exciting news for Barillaro, but for the entire Sheridan community as well. We applaud his hard work and dedication to the craft. Barillaro attributes much of his inspiration to Sheridan instructor Charlie Bonifacio, whose son served as an animator on “Piper”.

Being part of the Sheridan community is something to be proud of. The professors and students are more than passionate about their work. It is during their time at Sheridan where individuals learn to perfect their craft. With the guidance and resources provided by the college, students can really excel in their role.

Alan Barillaro’s Academy Award is a reminder to all students at Sheridan, that with the right tools and motivation, you can truly accomplish anything. Barillaro’s achievement also puts Sheridan on the map for prospective students. It has reinforced that Sheridan is a leading academic institution. People will recognize that Alan Barillaro has attended Sheridan and may be inclined to do the same. Possible students will hold the college to a higher standard because of the talent it has produced. Sheridan College is the perfect place to recognize your potential.

(Photo by Sheridan College)