[By: Léa Salameh]

With the use of video rapidly growing in the PR and communications industry, it should come as no surprise that most organizations rely on this method to launch campaigns and promote products and services. New statistics show that there are 22 billion video views daily between Snapchat (10 billion), Facebook (8 billion) and YouTube (4 billion) alone and this number is expected to climb this year.

Sahana Jayaraman, SVP and head of the Digital Brand Lab at Hotwire PR, shares some advice that every PR professional needs to take into consideration when using a video as part of their campaign strategy.

  1. Figure out your definition of ROI from the start
    Whether an organization is looking to increase website traffic, raise awareness, promote products and services or collect donation money, the video must focus on that objective in order to succeed. Using a call to action within the video will increase the company’s chances of achieving that goal and realizing the established ROI expectations.
  2. Use appropriate keywords
    Most social media platforms measure a video’s success based on view duration, therefore it is important to keep in mind that strong descriptions, relevant keywords and suitable captions are key to attracting viewers who are looking for what your organization provides.
  3. Analyze what did and did not work
    It is essential that PR professionals analyze their video metrics. If the number of views drops off at a certain time during the video, Jayaraman recommends asking yourself the following questions: “Did you have a strong distribution strategy? Did you have the most compelling talent? Did you focus on the audience, or yourself?” These questions should be asked to ensure that any missed opportunities will be seized in later projects.

PR professionals who are hesitant to start integrating videos into their campaign strategies should seriously consider using this medium as a way of attracting new audiences. The tips listed above provide a helpful starting point.

[Photo by Léa Salameh]