[By Maria D’Alessandro]

Tied for the most Oscar nominations in history, the magical box office smash La La Land enchanted its audience with its cinematography and captivating musical numbers. However, it was the lessons within the film which PR pros can really learn from.

Rejection doesn’t always equal failure
Emma Stone plays Mia Dolan, a struggling actress trying to make it in Hollywood. Throughout the film, Mia experiences several rejections as she goes on auditions, which are as severe and hurtful as being ignored by casting directors who take phone calls during those auditions. The dismissals almost cause Mia to rethink her dreams and give up her passion all together. Sounds similar to the ever-competitive PR industry, right?

First, there is the increasing competition for a coveted internship or a full-time gig at a worldwide PR agency. Then there is the competition once you land your dream job. You will have to fight and work hard to prove that your efforts as a communicator don’t go unnoticed. Further, you need to ensure that your clients’ messages are heard above the competitions’, and that might mean tapping into the depths of your creativity.

La La Land is a magical tale about two people who are trying to make their dreams come true. The film reinforces the notion that hard work and determination can go a long way in any field or aspect of life. Hopefully that holds true as we embark on our PR careers. However, the catchy song numbers, beautiful sets, and Ryan Gosling could also be inspiring factors.

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(Promotional movie photo belongs to Summit Entertainment)