[By Lindsay Butt]

The public relations industry offers a variety of different working sectors. Agency, corporate, non-profit and freelance are just some of the sectors PR professionals can work in.

The PR world may leave the young professional unsure of what sector to enter. Here are some of the characteristics of working in each sector to help make the decision a little easier:

  1. Agency
    Working for an agency has many perks. At an entry-level position, you will be immersed in multiple projects and clients. You will be responsible for executing tactics and getting your hands dirty instead of planning strategies. Generally, entry level salary is lower compared to corporate and non-profit, but a fun work culture makes up for it. 
  1. Corporate
    Corporate communications have more predictable hours than agency and non-profit, but you could also be working around the clock if a crisis hits. If you would prefer to represent one brand, instead of multiple clients, corporate may be for you. It is your job to know the corporation’s messages inside and out. There is also opportunity to work your way up the ladder.
  1. Non-Profit
    Working for a non-profit can be beneficial for your new career. Non-profits often have fewer resources than agencies and corporations, so there is opportunity to take on more strategic components. If you want to make a difference in the world, working for non-profit may be for you.
  1. Freelance/Boutique
    Being a PR freelancer has its benefits. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and have full creative control, as long as your client is happy. However, starting off as a freelancer can be challenging. Building up clientele may take some time, and you may want to have another job on the side until your business is profitable.

There are many opportunities within PR to explore. Every sector has their own characteristics, and over time you will learn what you like and dislike. Good luck, wherever your future career takes you.

(Photo via Pixabay)