[By Sharon Oseivhi]

The Sheridan PR blog is dedicated to everything PR related from how to land that dream job of yours, innovations of PR to ways to avoid bad PR campaigns. While everything seems all peachy, there is one topic we have yet to cover and that is if PR the right profession for you. Like many other jobs, there are highs and lows of being a communicator.

Signs that PR might be right for you:

No Two Days are Alike
There are times where you will be writing a press release and others where you get to travel with your clients on an awesome media branding tour.

Cross Paths with Influencers
Who doesn’t want to rub elbows with some of the industry’s most influential and well-connected movers and shakers?

Enhance your Writing and Communication Skills
If you’ve got the fire to write, then I see success in your future in an industry such as PR.

Climb the Ladder of Success
Many PR agencies are very keen on excellence. With each step you to climb to the top, don’t forget the awesome pay raise associated with success.

Change is Constant
Today’s strategies will be a thing of the past by the end of the week. As a lifelong learner, PR is a profession that is constantly teaching you a thing or two about communication and the tricks of the trade.

But sadly, all things that glitter are not gold. Here are some reasons you might want to reconsider working in the field of PR.

High turnovers
In bigger agencies in major cities such as Toronto, the team you work with today might not be the same six months from now.

Client Variation
Some clients know exactly what they want and are great to work with; some may be difficult. Whichever one you get; your reward comes from the work you do.

A Long Road to Success
Despite the room for achievements, no matter where any PR professional ends up, it is guaranteed that there will be intense competition.

Change Is Overwhelming
Constantly having to keep up with the industry’s latest tips and tricks can become quite daunting.

Proving your Value
The economy can ultimately be your downfall. In times of recession, PR may be the first item cut from the budget. However, you can overcome it if you make yourself instrumental to your agency.

(Photo by Zak Suhar via Snapwire Snaps)