[By Jennifer Hartman and Julia Main]

PR Event Photo1
(L-R) Nathan Mallett, program coordinator, Elizabeth Plouffe, Michelle Lowry, Siobhan Hinksman and Jennifer Lloyd.

Sheridan PRCC students put their event planning skills to good use, hosting a panel discussion on March 30, 2017 on the topic of launching your PR career in the digital age. In the weeks leading up to the event, students were responsible for securing the venue and panelists, creating content for the discussion, and marketing and promoting the event.


PR Event photo2 Michelle Lowry
Michelle Lowry, BMO Financial Group

The expert panel was comprised of Elizabeth Plouffe, Owner of MCV Communications, Jennifer Lloyd, Marketing and Communications Assistant at Ontario Public Service, Michelle Lowry, Communications Associate at BMO Financial Group and Siobhan Hinksman, Account Coordinator at GMR Marketing.  All are former students of the Sheridan PRCC program.

The panel shared their insights regarding networking, skills acquisition, informational interviews, internship etiquette, negotiating a salary, work-life balance, the importance of growth potential in that first job, and how to best demonstrate your value to an employer.

When asked how to stand out amongst the crowd in an internship, Lowry suggested,

PR Event Photo3
Elizabeth Plouffe speaks about corporate culture while Siobhan Hinksman looks on. 

“Work hard. Go above and beyond. People will notice. And do the grunt work with a smile.”  Plouffe cautioned not to attempt tasks above your skill level. “If you’re unsure, ask to work alongside someone. Fake it until you make it can only last for so long,” she said.

All four panelists stressed the value of developing and maintaining strong relationships in the PR field, especially when making the transition from internship to full-time employment. As new graduates, we will all being going through similar experiences, so we should be reaching out to one another for support and encouragement.

Many thanks again to all who participated in this event. Your advice and guidance are much appreciated. We look forward to connecting again in the near future.