[By Sharon Oseivhi]

Occasionally, I like to take a step back from school and work, and plan my tradition into life as a PR professional. I think that I want to start off with a PR firm so that I can gain as much experience as I can. Eventually I will work for a company in their communication department, thereby perfecting the skills I picked up while working for the agency. Here are the top 4 PR strategies of 2016.

  1. Collaborate with influencers. There are many individuals who have a huge fan base across various social media platforms. What better way to reach your audience than do a collaboration with an influencer? When an influencer’s content style, audience and aesthetic is aligned with and respected by a brand, content collaboration can become great opportunity for your company
  2. Communicate “why”. Social media has turned into a watchdog for brands everywhere. Companies can no longer hide mediocrity and inadequacies. It is important for us communicators to understand the “why” behind the concept and the brand of our company. Not only will that enable us to attract the audience we seek, but we may also gain profit.
  3. Create content, not ads. While so many other brands fight for ad space, companies need to differentiate themselves from others. It is more crucial because consumers have the choice to choose what they see and participate in.
  4. Pay attention to the press and grant them access to content. Even though we live in social age, there is still an audience outside of the social media sphere. Anyone looking to land a spot in a major newspaper or even appear on TV should be in the good graces of the reporters.

Spotify tastefully incorporated most if not all of these strategies in their campaign late 2016. The company released their user’s data in a different approach. On a global scale, Spotify playfully highlighted some of the most intriguing user tendencies that they noticed in 2016. Their content consisted of aggregated data and individuals’ data to produce many of the headlines that were spotted all over the world. It was a clever and innovative way to release the data — especially when it comes to music. Check out more of their campaign here.

(Photo by Helloquence via Unsplash)