[By Alexandria Horvat-Becevello]

As Sheridan’s PRCC students approach the final stretch of the program, their calendars start to fill up with the endless stack of assignments that accompany college life, but most important, the hunt for their spring/summer internship.

Being enrolled in the Sheridan PRCC program, students are able to take part in various PR and networking opportunities through the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS). On March 9, 2017, students had the opportunity to participate in “Passport to PR”, an semi-annual event hosted by the CPRS Toronto Student Steering Committee. Passport to PR occurs once a semester and gives members the opportunity to visit the top PR agencies and organizations in Toronto. The event provides students with a chance to gain industry insights, while interacting with current PR professionals. Members choose from a selection of agencies and organizations based on their own individual interests.

With internship season fast approaching, it can be difficult for students to identify the direction they wish to pursue as professionals starting out in a broad industry, and they often find themselves at a crossroads while trying to determine where they see themselves in the following years. Will I be at an agency, a not-for-profit organization, or in corporate? With busy schedules and limited time, professional networking opportunities become difficult to attend and internship hunting begins to feel like a part-time job. CPRS Toronto provides members with the opportunity to go outside their average reach and take a deeper dive. Having the chance to visit different agencies and organizations with the opportunity to ask questions, students often find that their direction becomes more clear.

Many networking events are planned throughout the school year by the CPRS Toronto Student Steering Committee. Although school work and extracurriculars won’t be slowing down anytime soon, neither should your networking. Taking the time to network should be scheduled into every student’s planner, and with all the events they have to offer, CPRS Toronto makes it that much easier.

(Photo by Alexandria Horvat-Becevello)