[By Lindsay Butt]

The world of public relations is constantly evolving, and so are the technologies and practices that PR professionals use. Here are some new PR trends that are dominating the industry:

New platforms for press releases
Press releases are still relevant, but the way they are published is changing. The old, standard press release on a company’s website may no longer be as effective. Companies have started issuing statements and addressing concerns via Twitter, but video press releases and statements will also become more common. These formats are more engaging and reach more people, thanks to social media.

Reputation management
Social media monitoring is now a full-time job. Hootsuite, TweetReach and Google Alerts are just some of the applications that help make the monitoring easy. These apps are used to see what things stakeholders are saying about a brand. If something negative is said on social media, it’s the PR professional’s job to handle it in a swift manner. Media monitoring has become essential for a brand to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Virtual collaboration
It’s no longer necessary to have daily meetings in the boardroom. Skype, FaceTime and apps like Hipchat have made it possible to collaborate virtually and efficiently. It’s also no longer necessary for PR professionals to work in an agency at all—freelancing websites such as Upwork, Guru and Fiverr are just some of the websites that let professionals work from home.

Paid influencer media
Paid influencer media is becoming the new model of PR. It’s cheaper and more effective to reach out to an influencer on Instagram than to buy ad space. Influencers guarantee your product will get a certain number of impressions based on their following. PR professionals can use Cision, a website that finds influencers and their niches.

It’s clear that the PR landscape has shifted almost completely to digital. The social networks and apps mentioned above are proven necessary components of being a successful PR professional.

(Photo via Pixabay)