[By Justine Newcombe]

It’s almost that time; the Sheridan PRCC student’s 2016-2017 program is coming to an end. Many have already landed their internship for the spring, while some have been completing their hours throughout the year. What’s next? Full-time jobs; and to do that? Interviews.

The word alone can cause anxiety, but we have all been there. Don’t let the fear of interviews stop you from getting your dream job! Here are some dos-and-don’ts when interviewing for a job in PR.

Do clean up your social media. Although your online profiles are for personal use, they display who you are. Many hiring managers will search you up on several platforms prior to bringing you in for your interview and trust me, they won’t be impressed by your keg stand in 2014.

Don’t be shy. It’s hard when you’re nervous, but people want to see your personality. They’re trying to determine if you’ll be a good fit, so be yourself.

Do research the company and prepare answers. The interviewer will be impressed that you know about the company and their clients. Try to find current projects they are working on and don’t be afraid to check out their LinkedIn profiles.

Don’t sell yourself short. You’ve made it this far, so go on, brag a little. Talk up your skills, strengths and accomplishments. It’s what separates you from the other candidates and it’s a great time to show off your portfolio.

Do dress for success. Your interviewer will never look down on you for dressing too professionally and it will show you are serious about the role.

Don’t forget to send a follow up e-mail. Send a personalized thank-you note and highlight something that was discussed in the interview.

(Photo by WOCinTech Chat via Flickr)